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Team- dictionary defines it as work toward a common goal and shared rewards. Now, working for a team means you think, you work, you decide as one. You share authority, responsibility and self management. It helps individual to develop a strong sense of commitment. It creates the synergy for togetherness and unity.

Working on a team makes individuals participate on everything for a common goal or purpose. The oneness of effort and ideals for the benefit of everyone. When working as a team you just not work with each other but you also work with each others differences. You set aside the grudges and differences for a common good. It makes the individual to leave his/her emotions behind the door to celebrate, to think, to brainstorm and to support everyone on a team.

Dearest Beth,

It has been an honor to dine with you and at the same time present my proposal in a flashy Thai restaurant.  It somehow bleeds my pocket out but its ok. Thank you for the precious time and of course for listening. While I’m on my home, it makes me think on how on earth that you have a disinterest in my proposal. It will make you the next big thing.  Well, I still thanked you, your disinterest in my proposal lure your other competitors and they are very enthusiastic about it. Actually they’ll gonna make millions on it. Thanks to you.

Oh by the way! NO, actually means. Next opportunity. And I’m stepping on it.  Goodluck of falling down.

Hope you enjoy your day.

Very truly yours,


Squidoo lense?

Sounds like a toy for babies or a tool used in a lab. It might be a cliche but squidoo lense is a community website which allows elite or neophytes user publish any  subject that interests them. It has a wide range of hand-built pages since the day it started started.

The site has different areas and categories in which you could find your niche in writing. It is not just an ordinary site which helps you publish your works or magnetize readers but also, it helps you get revenue for all the efforts and ideas that you pour in to your work through advertising and affiliate links.

It is a concept between the lenses (pages) and its lensmasters. It is a community which link different people which share the same interest.

Signing up? Short and Easy

1. First things first, create an account. Sign up all the information needed.

2. There is a set of easy instruction provided just follow it step by step. Try to browse over other lenses so that you have an idea on how it is done with yours.

3.  Check you lens. Everything that goes with it. Appearance, grammars, spelling, links.

4. Publish. Voila! Welcome to squidoo lenses.

What Is ADHD And How To Find A Cure For It?

Posted by Cathy on February 11th, 2011

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a severe behavioral disorder that generally develops during childhood, but may remain all through adulthood. This is a very commonly found mental condition, which can be noticed in schoolchildren as well as in adults working in offices. Those who suffer from this disease find it hard to focus on any work or activity, are hyperactive, impulsive, have lack of attention, get distracted easily and are forgetful. School-going ADHD children are distractive, unable to concentrate on their studies and fail to complete a task along with the other children in class. They get frustrated easily, are fidgety and are highly restless. The level of hyperactivity may not be the same in ADHD adults, but you can notice their restlessness in their constant movement of hands and the abruptness with which they speak. Whatever be their age, such people are slow in their work and are incapable of keeping up with the rest of their classmates or colleagues. ADHD is not easily diagnosed, as it can be found in various levels in different people and hence may take several months to diagnose. It may not always refer to a hyperactive person because a listless and inactive person could also be suffering from a certain level of ADHD. Therefore a closer observation of the behavioral pattern of the person is made before he or she can be diagnosed as suffering from ADHD. As the symptoms of this mental condition are so varied, it is always advisable to consult a specialist. One of the best cures that have shown some remarkable improvements in ADHD patients is the use of ADHD Bach Flower therapy. Over the decades Bach flower therapy has proven that it can considerably subdue the symptoms of ADHD and has successfully been used as a remedy for both children as well as adults. Bach flower extracts have been used to suppress emotional disorders, reduce depression, stress, hyperactivity and control fear and negative thoughts. Bach flower therapy helps improve concentration so that those suffering from ADHD find it easier to focus on their work. As it is a natural remedy, it is safe for use and does not cause any side effects. There are various Bach flower essences that are used for different states of emotion, each of which is effective for that particular symptom. Today Bach flower therapy is being widely used for ADHD with satisfied users giving testimony to its effectiveness.

Breast milk is best for babies up to 2 years.- One of the famous tag line of infants formula. Clearly breastfeeding is the most favorite formula among other formula feeding. There are some expert who suggest the second best formula. Most parent would say that finding the right formula for the baby is a “quest”. Others would change formula from one to another until they would find the right formula that would suit their babies nutritional needs.

There are different formulas that the mother could choose from that could suffice their babies needs. Be it budget wise or health wise. These formula includes; elemental formula, cows milk, soy formula, lactose free formula and added rice starch formula for reflux. Parents could check their pediatrician for the most appropriate formula best suitable for the babies.

Most mothers would jump in from one formula to another because some babies would experience diarrhea, fussiness, vomiting, excessive gas and poor weight gain. These are some of the sign for formula intolerance. Some formula doesn’t meet some of the nutritional criteria for babies. That’s why some babies would experience this.

Choosing the best nourishment for the the babies is a weighty decision among parents. So, here is a list of guides in choosing babies formula.

1. Choose a formula that’s fortified with iron.

2. Think about convenience versus price. This will help you decide issues such as selecting powdered versus ready-to-feed.

3. Since the last thing you want to do is run out of formula, be sure to stock up once you’ve found a formula that works for you and your baby.

4. If your baby seems fussy, has diarrhea or is constipated, talk to the pediatrician about whether your baby may be intolerant to lactose or soy. About 10% of babies are intolerant to one or both.




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